» 2022

Insurance bad-faith case settles after Ehrlich Law Firm obtains favorable tentative opinion

Jones v. Commonwealth Land Title Ins. Co. (Cal. Ct. App., 2/24/22) Plaintiffs obtained a substantial verdict against their title insurer in a badfaith case. After the Court of Appeal issued a tentative opinion to affirm the judgment, the parties settled. Read More

Affirmance of judgment in favor of Charlie Sheen

3 G.I. Corporation v. Sheen (Cal.Ct. App., 10/18/22). Sheen obtained a favorable judgment against 3 G.I. Corporation, whom he had hired to provide security, and which tried to defraud him. The Ehrlich Law firm obtained an affirmance of the judgment. Read More

Reversal of adverse jury verdict in insurance bad-faith case

Hollander v. XL America Group (Cal. Ct. App., June 16, 2022). XL denied the plaintiff’s claim for damages to insured paintings. The jury awarded the plaintiff only $18,000 based on the trial court’s faulty instructions on what the insurance policy required the policyholder to do. The case has been remanded for a new trial on the bad-faith claim. Read More

Denial of Petition to Compel Arbitration Affirmed

Nelson v. Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center, Inc. (2022) 77 Cal.App.5th 643. Brandon Nelson checked himself into defendant Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center’s residential-care facility while experiencing the sudden onset of psychosis. Dual Diagnosis recognized that Brandon needed constant supervision, but failed to provide it, allowing Brandon to hang himself in his room the day after he was admitted. Dual Diagnosis sought to compel arbitration of the wrongful-death lawsuit filed by Brandon’s parents. The trial court denied the petition and the Court of Appeal affirmed, finding that the arbitration agreement was unconscionable. Read More