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Written by Jeffrey I. Ehrlich, Appellate Specialist

California appeals lawyer, Jeffrey I. Ehrlich, is the principal of the Ehrlich Law Firm with Los Angeles County law offices. He is certified as an appellate specialist by the California Bar’s Committee on Legal Specialization, and is the editor-in-chief of the Consumer Attorneys of Southern California’s Advocate magazine.

Ehrlich Law Firm wins insurance bad-faith victory in California Supreme Court

US Supreme Court Decisions - Jeffrey EhrlichInsurance companies in California can no longer prevail in bad-faith lawsuits brought by their policyholders simply by showing that there was a “dispute” about whether the insurer should pay the claim. In Wilson v. 21st Century Ins. Co. (2007) 42 Cal.4th 713, the Supreme Court reined in the so-called “genuine dispute rule” that had become the insurance industries’ most potent defense in bad-faith cases, holding that the rule only applied at the summary-judgment stage, and then only in cases where a jury would be unable to make a finding that the insurer had acted unreasonably. The Wilson ruling makes it much harder for insurers to obtain summary judgment in bad-faith lawsuit.

Download Wilson v. 21st Century Insurance Decision (.pdf)

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Southern California civil appeals attorney, Jeffrey I. Ehrlich, is an appellate specialist certified by the State Bar of California’s Committee on Legal Specialization. He is the principal of the Ehrlich Law Firm, with Los Angeles County law offices.