Another California Supreme Court Victory for The Ehrlich Law Firm

On June 9, 2016, the California Supreme Court decided Nickerson v. Stonebridge Ins. Co., which I argued in April. The Court unanimously held that so-called “Brandt fees” in insurance bad-faith cases could be included in the calculation of punitive damages. Thanks to my co-counsel, Bill Shernoff, his team, and my son Clint Ehrlich, who helped me on the briefing. It’s an honor to be making new bad-faith law with Bill Shernoff.

Jeffrey Ehrlich Featured in May 2016 Edition of “Valley Lawyer”

The May 2016 issue of “Valley Lawyer” featured Jeff Ehrlich and four other successful lawyers practicing in the Valley who have argued in the U.S Supreme Court.

For information about Mr. Ehrlich’s SCOTUS victory, see UNUM Life Ins. Co. of America v. Ward, 526 U.S. 358 (1999).