What to look for in a plaintiff’s appellate lawyer.

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich, CAALA's 2008 Appellate Attorney of the Year Jeffrey I. Ehrlich receiving CAALA’s 2008 Appellate Attorney of the Year award.

Experience: Counsel in more than 175 appeals; more than 100 oral arguments including the U.S. Supreme Court; cutting-edge published decisions on insurance bad-faith; HMOs; arbitration; and ERISA
Credentials: Harvard Law School, cum laude; Certified Appellate Specialist, California Board Legal Specialization
Heart: Two-time CAALA Appellate Lawyer of the Year, 2004 & 2008; Editor-in-Chief CAALA Advocate; CAOC Amicus Committee
Understanding: You work on contingency; so do we.

You can tell a lot about an appellate lawyer by the trial lawyers who hire him, and by the opponents they take on together.

Together, our appellate clients include some of California’s most prominent trial lawyers: William Shernoff, Michael J. Bidart, Michael Alder, Gary Paul, Ricardo Echeverria, Paul Kiesel, Phil Michels, Daniel J. Callahan, Dan Stormer, Shirley Watkins, Steve Heimberg, Tony Stuart, and Daniel Zohar

Our opponents have included companies of enormous wealth and power, who hire the best corporate defense firms: Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna U.S. Healthcare, Blue Shield of California, PacifiCare, Health Net, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive, Mercury, 21st Century, Kaiser Permanente, UNUM, Nationwide, National Steel & Shipbuilding, Arch Insurance, Pacific Specialty Insurance, State Fund, Crum & Forster, Farmers, MEGA Life, Gulf Insurance, AIG, McDonald’s Corp., Liberty Mutual, Evanston Ins., the Hartford, National Union, Lexington Ins., Chubb Insurance, Safeco, Auto Club of So. Cal., Travelers, and CIGNA.

If we can take on opponents like these and win, the odds are good that we can help you with your next appeal.

Our appellate practice

Jeffrey I. Ehrlich is a cum laude graduate of the Harvard Law School, and is certified by the State Bar of California as an appellate specialist. He is one of the preeminent plaintiffs’ appellate lawyers in California.

In his career Ehrlich has argued almost 200 appeals — appearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, 7 of the 13 federal circuits, and virtually every appellate court in California. Since establishing his solo practice in 2006 he has been lead counsel in 31 California appellate decisions, of which 17 were published. This includes three victories in the California Supreme Court, where he currently has two additional appeals pending.

His published opinions include landmark opinions concerning insurance bad faith, ERISA, Medicare, and arbitration. The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (“CAALA”), the third-largest trial-lawyer organization in the United States, has twice honored him as its Appellate Lawyer of the Year (in 2004 and 2008). He is the first two-time winner of the award. [Learn more about our practice]

Our insurance-litigation practice

While the bulk of our practice involves appellate litigation, we also take on a limited number of trial-level matters.  Our expertise in legal writing increases the chances of prevailing on summary judgment, and getting the matter to trial. And our analysis of insurance issues is so well-respected that we have even been approached for representation by insurance companies making claims against other insurance companies. For example, we were retained by a title insurer to evaluate whether to make a $17 million claim against its liability insurer.

So, if you, your family, or your business is involved in an insurance-related dispute, we may be able to help.

A note on the recent NBC Dateline special on the Ray Jennings case

Dateline did a remarkable job of telling a complex story, which has so far spanned 16 years. They had a lot of ground to cover. As a result, they were unable to get into the details of our critique of the prosecution’s case against Ray. We hope that viewers of the program understand that there is much, much more evidence that demonstrates that Ray is innocent than what was presented on the show. We are optimistic that all the information will be made public by early 2017. When it is made public Michelle O’Keefe’s murder will remain a tragedy; but it will not remain a mystery.

Information, Facts, and Expert Reports Regarding the Wrongful Conviction of Raymond Lee Jennings in the Murder of Michelle O’Keefe
(People v. Raymond Jennings)

News and Press Releases

  • July 1, 2016 via The Ehrlich Law Firm. Donors rally to help wrongfully convicted Iraq-War vet freed after 11 years in prison || Read Online || Download PDF
  • June 22, 2016 via The Ehrlich Law Firm.  Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office concludes that Iraq-war vet convicted of murder and sentenced to life term is innocent; agrees to vacate his conviction || Read Online || Download PDF
  • News Stories and Media Coverage

Letters to the Conviction Review Unit (CRU)

  • Letter from the Ehrlich Law Firm to Ken Lynch, Assistant Head Deputy, Conviction Review Unit, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Dated March 2, 2016.  Re:  Conviction Review Request for raymond Jennings.  Download PDF
  • Letter from the Ehrlich Law Firm to Ken Lynch, Assistant Head Deputy, Conviction Review Unit, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Dated October 2, 2015.  Re:  People v. Raymond Jennings, LASC No. MA033712, Court of Appeal No. B222959.   Download PDF

Expert’s Reports

Expert Review of Discovery Materials Produced in Investigation and Trial

Security Expert Report

Criminal Profile Expert’s Report

  • Report by Peter M. Kismet, Jr. BS, MS, MPA, FBI (Retired) of Criminal Profiling Associates LLC, dated March 3, 2016.  Case Title:  People of the State of California vs. Raymond Lee Jennings, Victim: Michelle O’Keefe.  Crime Involved:  Section 187 of the California Penal Code (Murder).  Download Report in PDF

Forensic Firearms and Ballistics Report

“The Man Who Knew Too Much,” a two-hour special update aired on November 11/11/2106. Watch Full Episode

Ray Jennings Leaving the Courthouse Thursday, June 23, 2016, with his attorney, Jeffrey Ehrlich

Man Released From Prison After Serving 12 Years For Murder Officials Now Say He Probably Didn’t Commit (CBS Local)

Man Convicted of Murdering College Student in Palmdale Is Ordered Released Amid Questions Over Guilt (KTLA5 )