Appellate Passion: Jeffrey Ehrlich has helped set precedent, but he’s proudest of getting one man out of prison.

“He’s one of the only appellate lawyers I know who is able to match so eloquently on paper what most people can only do in oral argument,” said Robert T. Simon, co-founder of the Simon Law Group in Hermosa Beach. “His writing read like a novel you want to finish in one night. You can feel what was going on in the courtroom.”


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KABC Radio Interview – Raymond Lee Jennings & Jeffrey Ehrlich

KABC radio host, Doug McIntyre interviews Raymond Lee Jennings, a man who spent more than a decade in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murdering a young girl. Also interviewed, Jeffrey Ehrlich, Mr. Jenning’s defense attorney, who explains what went wrong that led to convicting an innocent man, and the legal process involved in the exoneration of Mr. Jennings.

“The Man Who Knew Too Much”

A note on the recent NBC Dateline special on the Ray Jennings case: Dateline did a remarkable job of telling a complex story, which has so far spanned 16 years. They had a lot of ground to cover. As a result, they were unable to get into the details of our critique of the prosecution’s case against Ray. We hope that viewers of the program understand that there is much, much more evidence that demonstrates that Ray is innocent than what was presented on the show. We are optimistic that all the information will be made public by early 2017. When it is made public Michelle O’Keefe’s murder will remain a tragedy; but it will not remain a mystery.

#RepayRay Social Campaign Launched to Help Ray Jennings Rebuild His Life

PRESS RELEASE The Ehrlich Law Firm 16130 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 610 Encino, CA 91436 Website: Phone: (818) 905-3970 Fax: (818) 905-3975 July 1, 2016:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Social-media campaign raises thousands for wrongfully convicted Iraq-war vet Los Angeles, CA – When Sergeant Ray Jennings came home from Iraq in 2005, he was arrested at gunpoint and falsely accused of […]

Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office agrees to free Iraq-war vet wrongfully convicted of murder

Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office today accepted the recommendation of its newly-created Conviction Review Unit (CRU) and has agreed to ask a court to release Raymond Jennings, who was convicted of murdering 18-year old Michelle O’Keefe in a Palmdale, California parking lot on February 22, 2000.

Jennings’ attorney, Jeffrey I. Ehrlich of the Ehrlich Law Firm in Encino, California, first requested that the CRU vacate Jennings’ conviction in October 2015. In April 2016, the CRU agreed to re-open the investigation of the O’Keefe murder, and is now actively pursuing a murder investigation focusing on new suspects.

Another California Supreme Court Victory for The Ehrlich Law Firm

On June 9, 2016, the California Supreme Court decided Nickerson v. Stonebridge Ins. Co., which I argued in April. The Court unanimously held that so-called “Brandt fees” in insurance bad-faith cases could be included in the calculation of punitive damages. Thanks to my co-counsel, Bill Shernoff, his team, and my son Clint Ehrlich, who helped me on the briefing. It’s an honor to be making new bad-faith law with Bill Shernoff.

Ehrlich Law Firm retained to defend appeal in fatal police shooting of man holding water nozzle

On December 12, 2010, Douglas Zerby was sitting on the pack porch steps of his friend’s apartment, holding a hose nozzle. A neighbor saw him, and called 911, reporting that a man was holding a gun. The Long Beach Police Department responded to the call, and had multiple officers watching Zerby from 20 to 30 feet away for more than five minutes. Without giving him any warning, they shot him multiple times. Garo Mardirossian and Tom Beck, representing Douglas’s father, obtained a wrongful-death verdict of $2 million in federal court in Orange County. They have retained Jeffrey Ehrlich to handle the appeal in the Ninth Circuit.